What Is All The Hype About Ketones?

What are Ketones anyway? Let's start here. Ketones are the body's alternative fuel source to sugar. Derived from fatty acids, they provide a much longer lasting and stable production of energy. Ketones do not promote the inflammatory rise and fall of insulin like sugar does. Therefore, you don't experience the crash and weakness that follows a sugar burning energy rush.

It's everywhere! A Keto Diet is a very low carb, moderate protein, high fat diet. On the Keto diet the body turns fat into ketones for energy, which increases fat burning and reduces hunger cravings. This is done by reaching the state of Ketosis.

The difficult part is it can take significant time to get to the state of ketosis on the keto diet. Many find it hard to maintain this lifestyle. In turn their body falls out of ketosis and they become frustrated with the struggle.

You May Have Heard About Ketone Drinks

Ketone Flavors

There are many ketone drinks on the market these days. Ketone drinks add exogenous ketones to the body. Exogenous ketones are ketones produced outside the body that are ingested for accelerated ketosis. Generally done by adding a powder to water and drinking it.

Ketone drinks are a supplement that take your body to the state of ketosis more rapidly. Some immediately, others up to an hour. Which is much easier than reaching ketosis by diet alone. Many people choose the keto diet and supplement with ketone drinks. Others choose a modified diet with ketone drink supplements. While others choose to take only ketone drink supplements.

Ketone drinks started popping up about 5 years ago. The leading manufacturer of Ketone drinks is Pruvit. Pruvit ketones are the only naturally fermented ketones on the planet that are bio identical to what our body makes. Pruvit has been researching and developing Ketone products with amazing results since 2015 and they continue to expand and offer better products.

I Drink Ketones And This Is My Experience

I began hearing about Pruvit Ketone drinks a couple of years ago and I was very skeptical. Fitness, diet, and health have always been a priority in my life. I like learning and trying different programs that improve my life in these areas.

In 2018 I tried a sample pack of Ketones and didn't care for them. Honestly, I didn't even finish my samples. I felt they were an expensive gimmick and threw away a few of the samples. (Literally cringing as I state this now. EEK!)

Late 2018 I tried a Keto diet challenge for 21 days and experienced ketosis and the many benefits this diet has. I felt great, but didn't want to maintain the diet in my life. I found it difficult. Meanwhile, friends continued to post about ketone drinks and the experiences they were having. I was watching and continuing to gain curiosity. The more results I saw the more legit it was seeming.

June 2019 I contacted one of those friends and told her I wanted to try these Ketone things again. I really hoped the hype was real and decided I didn't give the product a fair chance before. Well, guess what?? It's real! My only regret is not starting earlier!

I've been drinking Pruvit Ketones daily and I HAVE NEVER FELT BETTER!

  • I have more energy

  • My productivity during the day has increased

  • I am alert, have brain clarity, no fog

  • I feel motivated and positive

  • I am present in my life and not just going through the day

  • My attitude and mood are super elevated

  • My anxieties and stresses are minimized

  • I want to smile all the time

  • I sleep better and feel more rested

  • AND fat is disappearing around my torso, arms, and face

I've shared this product with my loved ones and friends. I want everyone I care about to feel this good. Shoot, I want EVERYONE, whether I know them or not to feel this good! I want YOU to experience how much better you can feel.

The experiences my friends and family are having with Ketones are INCREDIBLE! My brother has lost 14 pounds in less than 3 weeks and he was on vacation when he started drinking Ketones!! Doing nothing different, but drinking 1 Ketone a day.

My husband started drinking ketones about a month after I did. He immediately felt AMAZING, on day 1! He couldn't believe it so he kept taking them to see if it was for real. Well, he's a believer. Not only does he feel better, but he is at a weight he hasn't seen in over a decade!!

We own and operate a restaurant. There is a lot of STRESS in our lives! With ketones we feel a sense of calm and peace. Like we can handle anything. We can take on any obstacle life throws at us with a positive outlook. Before ketones I would lie awake at night with anxiety. Worrying and stressing about business and financial issues. Not anymore! I have to say this is my favorite benefit of Ketones.

We have changed nothing else in our lives. Just added Ketone drinks.

Our belief in this product is so strong. If you would like to learn more about Ketone Drinks check this out. Click here if you want to try Ketone Drinks.

We can't wait to share it with you and hear about your #better life!!! 

Watch this short 4 minute video about ketosis and ketones!



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