What Are The Benefits Of Salt Lamps?



Himalayan Salt Lamps are made from solid blocks of salt that are carved and shaped into various forms. The center is then hollowed out for placement of a lightbulb which provides a glow and warmth to the salt.

There are loads of benefits to having salt lamps around your house, office, or other living spaces. I was enlightened (ha, pun intended) to the salt lamp world after reading an article about their benefits a few years ago.

It was the beauty of the rock that first drew my attention. The warm soft glow makes me feel good. However, I was sold after learning that not only are they beautiful, but they are a natural aid to the health of my family.

Benefits Of Salt Lamps

* Balance Your EnergyPair of 2 Salt Lamps

* Help You Breathe Easier due to the Negative Ions

* Clean The Air

* Help Your Focus

* Help You Relax

* Help You Sleep Better

* Lift Your Mood

* Soothe Allergies

After discovering the benefits I ordered a large salt lamp for our family room. The warm glow that radiated from the lamp was very soothing and I wanted more. That year I ordered a dozen salt lamps! Our kids have a small salt lamp in each of their rooms as do we.

Salt Lamps Make Great Gifts

I gave salt lamps as Christmas gifts to all of our extended family. This was definitely one of my most successful gift giving ideas ever. Everybody loved them. My goofy brother-in-law, the funny guy he is, couldn’t resist licking the salt! Yes, according to him, they taste salty. Afterall, they are made from Pink Himalayan Salt. 

Tips When Shopping for Salt Lamps

  1. Go for Quality- You want to purchase a genuine Himalayan salt lamp, crafted of genuine Himalayan salt from the Himalayan foothills. There are imposters. Many cheap versions are not genuine.
  2. Opt for a dimmer switch.
  3. Purchase with a base in which the block is securely mounted 

We love our salt lamps! I highly recommend adding a few to your life. Give them a try and let me know your thoughts in the comments. Feel free to ask me any questions you have too.



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