Christmas Pajamas Traditions

Christmas Pajama Traditions

Christmas is my favorite time of year. It’s magical and I absolutely love it! For me, it’s the twinkling lights, the decorations, family togetherness, cozy nights, and traditions that make it so special. Amongst my favorites is our Christmas Pajama traditions. 

Through the years we have purchased Christmas Pajamas for the kids, our entire family, and even the extended family. I’m going to share some of my favorite Christmas Pajama Traditions with you.


Christmas Eve Box or Present

We have always opened one present on Christmas Eve. This present is usually planned and pre-selected as the “Christmas Eve” present. Use fun gift wrap or even a special Christmas box. Enclose Christmas Pajamas and an age-appropriate activity for Christmas Eve fun. Coloring books or arts and crafts are a great idea. However, my favorite by far is filling the box with movie themed items. Throw in a Christmas movie, popcorn, candy, and hot cocoa. Maybe even add some hot cocoa mugs, a throw blanket, slippers, or a stuffed animal. 

Deer Family Christmas Pajamas

Night Before Christmas Photo

Take a photo each year on the night before Christmas wearing the Christmas pajamas. Your Christmas tree makes a great backdrop for these photos. To make it really neat, use the same pose each year. You will one day enjoy looking at the night before Christmas photos through-the-years. It is particularly stunning to see the growth of your kids year after year with the same pose.

Annual Drive To Look At Christmas Lights

Many of us take the kids for a drive around town to look at all the pretty lights and amazing house decorations. Take the drive in your Christmas pajamas. Get the kids all nice and cozy in their pj’s and hop in the car. This makes the trip extra exciting. Hot cocoa is nice too. When you arrive home with sleepy kids they are already dressed for bed.

family pajamas

Christmas Season Pajamas

There are many good sales on Christmas pajamas the weekend after Thanksgiving. Make your pajama purchase at this time. Give them a quick special wrap and place them on your kid’s beds to be opened and enjoyed for the entire season. They make an awesome “kickoff to Christmas season” gift.

Christmas Cards

Take a fun family photo in your Christmas pajamas and make it your Christmas card that year.Christmas pajamas family

Decorate The Christmas Tree

Ask everyone to change into their Christmas pajamas while you decorate the Christmas tree. This makes for a fun, festive, tree decorating, pajama party.

Host A Pajama Themed Christmas Party

Forget the ugly Christmas sweater. Have a Christmas party with Christmas pajamas as the required dress code for all ages. Your environment will be relaxed and fun for young and old. Play The Polar Express movie for the children. Serve Hot Cocoa and Cookies, Play games and have a contest for best Christmas pajamas.

Pajama Themed Christmas Party

And that's my list of Christmas pajama tradition ideas. I hope you find one or more of these traditions enticing and give them a try.

Years ago our extended family rented a big cabin in the mountains for Christmas. We had four generations come together to celebrate. This was probably our most fun and memorable Christmas to date. One thing that made it so special was our Christmas pajamas. Everybody matched! The guys had one style, the ladies had one style, and all the kids had matching styles. They were so much fun and our photos are priceless. 

I will never outgrow Christmas pajamas. They make me happy. From my Rudolf nightgown with booties to my onesie that twinned our oldest daughter when she was young (they opened on the back end to make bathroom visits easier- lol) to my classic plaid pajamas, I love them all. In fact, I’m getting so excited writing this post, I just want to jump into my Christmas pj’s and decorate for Christmas!

Do you have a pajama tradition not mentioned above? Please share in the comments below. We would love to hear more ideas. 


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